Our Story

This is a story of a 17 year old teenager. The story is about how the company was founded.

It was the evening of 23rd February 2012, Shreemukha was sick of fiver. He and his father visited their family doctor. As they entered the doctor’s chamber, Shreemukha saw the doctor using some software applications made for his clinic’s management. Shreemukha had no idea about software applications. He was keen to know more about software. He asked about it. Everything about the software.

Shreemukha was studying the 1st year of degree. Seeing his interest the doctor gave a challenge to him. He challenged Shreemukha to design an application for his scanning centre.

Young Shreemukha was hesitated. Yet took up the challenge. He regularly visited the doctor asking for the requirements and showing updated work. The doctor kept on telling new requirements. Shreemukha some times had no idea about how to crack the solution for the new requirements. Few little problems took him weeks to solve.

Shreemukha kept working on the problems. Even during the class hours he used to think about the software development. He used to sit in his hostel coding after college hours. After too many over nights of work the software was finally ready.

It took him over a year to finish the software. He went to the doctor and installed the final product. The doctor kept Rs. 5,000 in the pockets of Shreemukha and told that the product was never mattered to him. What mattered to him is to make a young kid learn something what he was studying.

When Shreemukha showed his works to his class mates, friends and lecturers, all he received were appreciations. All told him that he might get a highly paid job in MNCs. But his interests were different. He told to himself that using himself in his own company will not cost anything.

During his college days he worked on different ideas. He started the company once he left the college. He named it C.Key Software. Today it is a Private Limited company with a trade mark for the name.

Remembering his journey, today Shreemukha says- “Everything in life is learnt. When we were born, we had zero knowledge about anything. We learnt we continued. I had zero knowledge about software and business. I learnt, I worked on my dreams. Learning is the essential part of a successful journey.”